Instore-music distribution with Barix

In 2000 Barix foresaw the rise of IP networks and the internet as a business tool for the transmission of data of all sorts, including audio: The Barix Instreamer and Exstreamer were born.

Fast forward to the present day and with more than a decade of experience in low latency, high reliability IP Audio streaming, Barix have a track record of delivering in-store music for retail radio channels worldwide, in many thousands of locations.

Thanks to its ease of use and low operating costs, particularly in large-scale networks, the Barix Exstreamer is used to replace costly satellite technology that had dominated the market in the past. Innovative technology from Barix provides stores with a single-platform music system and a customized information and advertising platform. A Barix solution allows you to:

- Reinforce your brand identity with your kind of music
- Boost your sales through targeted advertising at the point of sale
- Create new revenue streams by selling advertising slots
- Make announcements from head office to all sites in real time
- Make pre-recorded public address announcements at the press of a button, for example, a calm message advising customers to leave by the nearest exit
- Play advertising messages in response to a physical trigger e.g. a motion sensor